Why feed Tucker Time?

  • Tucker Time is made with only fresh and natural ingredients
  • Tucker Time is a complete and balanced diet for your pets
  • Tucker Time is a nutritional health food for your pet
  • Tucker Time can be fed to your pet daily, with confidence

Tucker Time rolls provide more than just complete and balanced nutrition: they provide a health food for dogs. Tucker Time is formulated with your pet's digestive health in mind. A healthy digestive system underpins overall health and wellbeing.

The Tucker Time team have spent many years perfecting their formulations, all of which use only the highest quality natural ingredients. These ingredients are expertly combined into a nutritious healthy preparation and gently pasteurised to lock in the nutrients and the flavour.

The Tucker Time range are all free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Tucker Time is an ideal choice of food for healthy dogs, to help keep them in optimal condition.

Veterinary clinics also commonly recommend Tucker Time in the prevention of illness and the treatment of sick and recovering animals.

Tucker Time is only available from selected veterinarians and leading pet specialty outlets.

Veterinary Testimonials:

Tucker Time a veterinary preparation
"Tucker Time is more than just another pet food and can be termed a veterinary preparation due to its high digestibility and the added ingredients". Dr Robert B Macpherson BVSc MVSt

"Tucker Time nutritional preparations are commonly prescribed as such and are continuously recommended by veterinarians across Australia and this in fact is professional 'prescribing' of the Tucker Time preparations and are dispensed to the relevant pet when the animal has a particular problem or is to be fed a maintenance feed to prevent the reoccurrence of a particular problem or complication". Peter Burton M.P.S.Ph.C.

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