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truckAs human nutrition moves towards fresh & natural foods as part of a healthy lifestyle, why not for pets too? That is the question which started it all for Tucker Time!

The Tucker Time story started in 1988 in Western Australia. At that time, fresh, balanced diets for pets were not readily available. Many dogs were experiencing health problems such as skin disorders and digestive upsets, often linked to a poor diet - including the Harding Family’s own breeding Bull Terrier dogs. Within the wider dog breeder community, this was, unfortunately, a common problem. And one they intended to solve.

The Hardings built partnerships with animal nutritionists and researched and trialled many recipes in order to develop the unique Tucker Time formulations: fresh food for dogs which contained only the highest quality healthy and functional natural* ingredients for peak nutrition. They created diets which would aid pet owners in maintaining their dogs’ overall as well as digestive, skin and coat health. 

The Tucker Time mission was to provide high quality, delicious, fresh and natural* rolls, for healthy dogs – inside and out!

Over the years, the formulations have been subtly modified and improved as new ingredient discoveries have been made, which has earned Tucker Time its standing as “Australia’s leading healthfood for pets”.  And it is the reason that Tucker Time has been trusted by veterinarians and dog breeders for over 25 years.

From a small local Western Australian brand hand-delivered via the well-known “Tucker Time trucks”, its strong reputation amongst the veterinary and dog breeder communities led to its distribution expanding to veterinary clinics and pet specialty retailers across the country all the way from Far North Queensland down into the island state of Tasmania.

In 2016, the Harding family passed the baton to Real Pet Food Company to continue to support and grow the brand.  Manufacturing of the rolls was transitioned from Canning Vale in the south of Perth, up to Wangara in the north, continuing the great tradition of being proudly made in Western Australia for over 25 years, to feed dogs across Australia!  With that change, has come a new range of rolls: single meat protein rolls; a grainfree range of novel meat proteins ideally suited for sensitive dogs, to ensure that there is a Tucker Time variety for every dog every day!

*natural ingredients before adding vitamins and minerals

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