Each Tucker Time Roll will last approximately four months if unopened and stored at the correct temperature in the fridge (below 4° C). Once opened, Tucker Time Rolls will last up to 5 days if stored covered in the fridge and handled correctly.

We recommend feeding your pet Tucker Time Rolls fresh to maximise the health benefits. Tucker Time rolls are not intended to be frozen, as this can result in the defrosted roll changing in texture and becoming softer and more watery. There is no impact on the wholesomeness or nutrition, but the rolls can look and feel less appealing upon thawing. If it is necessary to freeze the rolls, they should be cut into meal size portions to be frozen, then allowed to thaw out individually, as required, in your fridge for up to 36 hours.

Gradually introduce the Tucker Time over about 10 days. Work out how much Tucker Time your pet will need per day based on the feeding guide for his or her weight, then start by reducing the old food by ¼ and feeding ¼ of the recommended daily amount of Tucker Time, all mixed together. Over the next few days, gradually reduce the amount of the old food to ½ and increase Tucker Time to ½, then further reduce to ¼ old food and ¾ Tucker Time food to finally reach an entirely Tucker Time meal. You can view our feeding transition guide here.

Of course, if you plan to feed a mixed diet, you certainly can. Just remember that, for example, if you are feeding half Tucker Time rolls and half dry food, to divide the total daily amount on the feeding guide by half for each of the foods, to avoid overfeeding.

Always provide plenty of fresh, clean, cool drinking water for your dog.

Generally pets don't suffer from this clinical sign when changing over to Tucker Time. In fact, the ingredients used in Tucker Time Rolls actually aid in promoting digestive health by building the natural flora (the 'good bacteria') in the gut. However, any animal can experience a transitory gastrointestinal upset with a rapid dietary change, so we recommend introducing Tucker Time gradually, over a number of days.

Tucker Time's formulation is complete and balanced, so it includes everything your pet needs to meet all its nutritional needs. However, it may be fed as part of a mixed diet as desired, for example as a topper on dry food.

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